The Old Field

After spending a few days out at Long Island, more specifically around Southold up at the north fork of Long Island, we decided to make a quick stop at the Old Field Vineyard. The Old Field is definitely our favorite when it comes to the vineyards at the north fork wine trail and it wasn’t our first time there.

The Old Field

This year we only had time to do a quick pit stop to enjoy the unique atmosphere at the field and pick up a bottle of their blended Rooster Tail wine. The Old Field is quite different compared to many of the other vineyards we’ve seen, the setting is very relaxed, there is hens and ducks walking around, the staff is very friendly, and it is not uncommon to end up in very pleasant conversations. At the Old Field it’s all about taking it easy and enjoying the wine and the company.

The Old Field - Meg

If you’ve never been out at the Island to check out the vineyards it is definitely worth a visit, there is many hidden gems ranging from small and relaxed places like the Old Field to very busy and large vineyards. Most vineyards offer wine tastings where you pay a few bucks to try a selection of wines produced at the specific vineyard, some vineyards offers tours and more organized wine tastings. It is not uncommon to see people going from vineyard to vineyard by either bike, bus or limo (organized through some package deal wine tasting tour).

Sannino Vineyard

Another vineyard that we had a very worthwhile stay at was the Sannino Vineyard which we visited last year, they also had a Groupon offer available for their tastings and tours. Apart from the tour that we took, which also included cheese and wine tasting, the Sannino Vineyard also offered live music which might be of interest to some, even if it wasn’t our taste in music. All in all, very tasty wine and cheese, a worthwhile and interesting tour and very pleasant staff that took care of the tour and manned the bar where you could follow up with additional drinks after the tour.


Comedy Cellar

After passing the Comedy Cellar in the village the other day we realized that we’ve never really went to a good comedy club in NYC, which is surprising since both me and my wife really enjoy good stand up comedy.

For the trivia buff out there it’s worth mentioning that the Comedy Cellar is the place where the comedian Louie C.K. Records most of the stand up bits from his show, it is also the club that he enters during the intro of his show after eating a slice of pizza from the pizzeria nearby.

The show that we went to were hosted by Ardie Fuqua who did a great job announcing the different comedians while mixing in some great improv while being very interactice with the guests. The two most enjoyable acts of the 5 comedians in the lineup was definately Michel Che and Greer Barnes, the other three was good as well, just not my cup of tea I guess.

The cover charge varies, depending on which day you go, since we went on a sunday, the charge was only 14$, you are however required to order two items. If you enjoy good comedy I really recommend a visit, to check the lineups for different shows, pricing and make reservations, visit the Comedy Cellar homepage.

New York Mets

If you ever visit New York City, don’t miss out on attending a baseball game, regardless if it is minor league team like the Brooklyn Cyclones or a major league team like the New York Mets you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Mets vs Diamondbacks

During our vacation trip back home to visit family this year, we managed to catch a game between the Mets and the Arizona Diamondbacks at the Citi Field arena in Queens. It’s a beautiful arena, that carries all the necessities for a baseball game, that is, hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, pretzels, drinks and much much more. We also picked up a team jacket for my wife, that she really wanted, but claims that she will only wear to games (good luck to that back home in Sweden).

NYC Highline

Did a short excursion today to the Highline on the west side of Manhattan, NY together with my wife. It is an interesting mix of concrete, old railroad tracks and random assortments of green stuff (flowers and such). Apart from the quite unique scenery on the actual Highline it also offers great photo opportunities with the city as a backdrop.



The area around the Highline also offer access to three of our favorite flea markets in the city, namely the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Markets. The three flea markets offers all kinds of gems ranging from fairly expensive to dirt cheap finds. The wife picked up a few belts for 15$, we also had the opportunity to drool over some beautiful bags up at the market at West 39th Street¬†& 9th Avenue. Previous years has provided finds ranging from jewelry to old typesetting fonts at bargain prices.